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"Pro-lifers only care about the fetus, not about women or their babies after they're born."

Love them both

This charge by pro-choicers is making the rounds on social media lately, in reaction to several states' (no, not New York...) strengthening of legal protections for the unborn. Here's how you can confidently refute this vacuous claim:

1.  It's a false charge based on false assumptions. What lies at the very heart of the pro-life movement is the recognition of the sanctity and inherent dignity of every human person, born and unborn, at every stage of life's continuum from conception to death. Nothing - not class, race, religion, or circumstances of conception or parentage - can limit that dignity.  This truth is as distinctly American as it is Christian, and it is the reason we fight for the protection of all life.

2.  This dignity of the human person therefore includes the pregnant mother, who is deserving of our love and care.  Her vulnerability to choosing abortion is often the result of a complex web of problems.  As she is the key to her child's fate, investing in her health and wellbeing is an investment in a strong family.  Prolife pregnancy centers meet the needs of women and mothers by offering free pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and counseling, and dozens of volunteers and community resource people contribute their time and skills to this mission. There is simply no evidence to support the charge that we "do not care about women."

3.  Our investment in women extends to and includes even the post-abortive woman.  There is no condemnation, only hope and healing.  Post-abortion healing ministries seek to repair the emotional and spiritual damage of abortion, and ultimately lead women to a deeper relationship with the Lord.  Often it is the healed and restored post-abortive woman who becomes the greatest champion for life - many of whom go on to work at and even direct pregnancy centers!

4.  The principle of subsidiarity is at work in what we do.  Women relate to other women, not to the government.  Yes, state and federal assistance programs can be useful, but they don't provide relationship.  Rather than perpetuate government dependencies or encourage a victim mindset, we prefer to empower women by building local support for her, by linking her to mentors, area churches, and real women who will walk every step with her and build her confidence and skills. 

5.  Finally, it is laughable that pro-choicers, who have no problem destroying the life of the unborn, would claim such concern for their future welfare.  If anyone makes this claim to you, do invite them to volunteer at Alight - we're always ready to welcome more helping hands - and convert a heart while we're at it!

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